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Akofa is a young wife and mother who happens to be handicapped and is only one of many people who are being helped by the compassionate outreach of an ALMA-trained worker from the Notse church. She is visited every week by Madame Hélène who cares for her in what she needs that day:  child care, …

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Never Stopping!

Dear Friends, Encouragers, Prayer Warriors, Supporters:    First, I (Brenda) want to thank you for all your support and prayers from the very first day of my missionary career 34 years ago until now. For some of you, that has been since 1988, so we have been partnering together for a very long time!!  None of the …

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Bernard's Family

Bernard’s Story

Bernard is seated on the step (in dark blue) and his children are the ones next to him and on the floor. His story starts in 2017, when his wife brought their 1 year old child to see me in clinic one day. He was weak, had several infections and fevers. We did labs, including HIV, …

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